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Maria, Lady Nugent, memorial pictures and extra text added September.

The Robertsons of Aldbourne, May-June

Muriel Foster – poem and link added June

The Wittys of Whitstable, added in March.

Pictures of Balmore added to Oliver Nugent, CBE


Betty’s Hope – an Antiguan sugar plantation added.

Ledeatt pedigree added to The Ledeatts of Antigua page.

Maria, Lady Nugent of Jamaica added in April.

Major Kingsley Osbern Foster page added (April) with credit to Nicholas Young author of Classic Cars (2018).

Thomas Nugent of Montserrat, based on research by Neil How, added in March.

Additions made to Lieut Col Kingsley Foster – his anecdote about ‘liberating’ medals from Berlin plus memorial picture.

Harlyn House link added to The Peter Family and the ‘hedgehog letter’ (March). Also family tree showing the descent from Edward I and Eleanor of Castile (April).

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New page- Count Laval Nugent of Austria and Croatia – supersedes Nugents of Croatia, added in July based on military research by Jasper Humphreys. (Previous page incorporated).

New Page added: The Peter Family and the ‘hedgehog letter’.

Dr Nicholas Nugent revised with the addition of material on the end of slavery, and retitling of the page.

First update after November 2016 visit is the addition of a new page, Antigua’s neighbour St Kitts.


Pictures added to Oliver Nugent CBE (brothers in Toronto) and Nugents in Croatia (tombstone)


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The Ledeatts of Antigua by Helene Reade launched as a separate page, 20 July 2013.

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Corrections to Ledeatt family history in Oliver Nugent MBE, plus the addition of a map; addition of a new photo of Erdiston in Nugent Homes and Estates: July 2013.

Addition to Oliver Nugent MBE, about the Ledeatt family, contributed by Helene Reade.

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Where they Lie: Nugent Graves records what is known of Nugent graves in Antigua and elsewhere and details the recent restoration (September 2011) of the graves of Sir Oliver and Lady Nugent at St George’s Church, Fitches Creek.  Also, in January 2012 the graves of their son and daughter-in-law Oliver and Mary Nugent at St John’s municipal cemetery were restored and the page updated with new pictures courtesy of Jan Augustin. I am keen to draw this project to the attention of as many of their decendants as possible. (25th February 2012)

Illustrations, map labelling and sourcing in Nugent Homes and Estates updated 11th December 2011. Corrected birth place of George Nugent, 4th February 2012. Minor textual edits to About, Nugents in Croatia and George Nugent, May 2102.


Lucretia, Lady Nugent added 25th September 2011.

Nugents of West Yorkshire added 25th September 2011 with revisions to text and pictures on 28th September.

Nugent Genealogical Sources are made available in downloadable pdf format for the first time, 6th August 2011. Minor edits to other pages 14th August 2011. This makes available for download for the first time notable Nugent genealogical documents.


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Norman Origins published 3rd July 2010 (minor corrections made at 27th August 2010).

Researching Norman Origins correspondence added 19th April 2010, supplemented 27th August 2010 (later removed).

Nugents in Croatia published 16th January 2010.

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Clarification on ‘About‘ that you don’t need to be called ‘Nugent’ to feature here. Date of Antiguan arrival of first Nugents amended based on new research. 31st August 2009.

KON Foster published, Oliver Gordon picture revised and title added to heading, 16th August 2009.

Early Antiguan Nugents published 13th August 2009; Nugent Homes and Estates 17th August 2009.

Revisions to Nugents in Ireland, based on newly discovered correspondence, and additional sources added. Date adjusted in Dr Nicholas: 11th August 2009.

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Emanuel Pereira enquiry added 4th January 2009 (later removed).



Map of Irish lordships showing Nugent ownership of Delvin in 1534 added 22nd December 2008.

Nugents in Ireland published 27th September 2008; Antigua at War published 18th September. Text revised and pictures added to both 29th September.

Scotts Hill, Antigua, published 20th August 2008.

Corrected genealogy in Dr Nicholas to make clear Nugent lineage in Antigua: Walter (first settler), Oliver, Nicholas, Sir Oliver, Oliver MBE, George, Oliver – and their brothers and sisters. 12th August 2008.

Launched Contemporary category 11th August 2008 with Mary Nugent; material added and deleted as/when appropriate (later removed).

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